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Ess @ Heim

We created the EssHeim platform as a modular system that offers restaurants all the working tools adapted to today's online world. The EssHeim platform manages to bring together local producers, restaurants and end consumers through its modules.

EssHeim offers local producers the opportunity to advertise and conclude direct contracts with restaurants.

Restaurants have the option of direct supply from local producers, automatic calculation of raw material requirements by creating their own recipes, using the inventory system, avoiding food waste through food donations, direct communication with customers through chat with automatic translation, promotions, offers and food sales, various payment methods, customer bonuses, tracking performance charts, delivery with a separate delivery module.

For the end customer, EssHeim offers an easy-to-use interactive interface(through notifications and chat allows direct communication with both the restaurant and the courier), various payment methods and, above all, product traceability depending on the origin of the ingredients.

EssHeim consists of:

  • - Web platform
  • - Restaurant App
  • -Delivery App
  • - User App
  • -Farmer web page
  • What do we bring new?

  • - Delivery to restaurants directly from the manufacturer
  • - Stock calculation
  • - Chat with automatic translation, written and oral - real time(en, de, fr, it, es, ru, tr, ar)
  • - SHARE FOOD, food donations
  • - SHARE POINT, loyalty points can be shared with friends
  • - We cover the entire chain from producer to consumer
  • - In a world where the quality of ingredients has become very important, we offer transparency through traceability and we also promote producers
  • - Custom mobile applications - Platinum EssHeim
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